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The University of Missouri has extended its Test-Optional Admissions pilot program for students applying to enter in 2025. Students applying for admission for Fall 2025 will have the option to apply as test-optional.

Research indicates that high school GPA coupled with standardized test scores provides the best prediction of academic success at Mizzou. Supplying test scores can help support a student’s admission into the University of Missouri and their applications for scholarships, the Honors College and specific scholars programs.

Students applying test-optional will answer three short essay questions as part of their application for admission. If applying through the Common Application, the essay component of the application will be required. For more information, visit our admission requirements page.

Last updated: February 2024

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To access where your students are in the enrollment process, be a part of It’s a free service allowing you to track your students’ application status, view checklist items, upload materials, schedule events and more. Mizzou and more than 800 other schools use Slate to provide student data in one place.

Please use or your preferred electronic transcript vendor to send official transcripts. If mailing official transcripts, please mail them to the Office of Admissions, 230 Jesse Hall, Columbia, MO 65211. Please do not staple or paperclip transcripts that contain multiple pages.

If you have students on the free or reduced lunch program, allows you to upload a fee waiver form. The form can also be emailed to

Other Information

Visit our admissions representatives page to find the rep assigned to your geographical area.

Complete our online form to update your contact information or information about other counselors at your school.

Our school codes for the ACT, SAT and FAFSA are:
ACT: 2382
SAT: 6875
FAFSA: 002516

Courses, Credits and Transfers

Our online university catalog can help you stay up to date with Mizzou’s course offerings and descriptions.

If you have students who took AP, IB or CLEP exams, visit our college credits page to see what scores are necessary for their credits to transfer to Mizzou.

If you have students taking dual-credit courses, check out our transfer credit equivalencies site for course equivalency details for schools in Missouri and select out-of-state institutions.

Our majors site allows students to explore the 300+ degree options that Mizzou has to offer.