Contact Alvira

Hometown: Hyderabad

Home country: India

Major: Nursing

Languages I speak: English, Hindi, Urdu

  • Four words to describe Mizzou: Home away from home.
  • Why I picked my major: Nursing is a highly-regarded profession, there are a variety of options available within the field, there’s advancement and global opportunities, and most of all, I love humans and helping.
  • Favorite professors: Nicole Bartow (UAP/CNA) because she loves and cares like a mother, she has all her students’ backs, and she is awesome. Chef Kenny Willams (Everyday Nutrition) because he is so kind and his class is fun. Dr. Jason Furrer (Microbiology) because he is awesome at what he does.
  • Favorite experiential learning opportunity: Being the Vice President of the organization called Universities Fighting World Hunger.
  • Proudest achievement so far: Honestly, all the achievements. Every little achievement that I thought was impossible. For instance, I never thought I would find a community in Mizzou, but I did. I am comfortable talking to people, which was scary for me in the beginning, but Mizzou changed it all.