After You Apply

Our rolling admissions process means you can expect to receive a decision within about two weeks of submitting your application. Test-optional applicants may have a slightly longer wait time than students submitting test scores.

You’ve Applied! Now what?

Right after you submit an application to Mizzou, you’ll get access to your personalized application status page. Your app status page is your get-to-Mizzou guide.

This is where you’ll track the status of documents (transcripts, test scores, personal statements, resume, etc.) and find links to apply for general, departmental and competitive scholarships you qualify for.

We recommend checking your app status page once a week.

After you’re admitted to Mizzou, you’ll keep using this page to complete your enrollment steps. These steps include accepting your admission offer, paying the enrollment fee, completing your housing forms and signing up for new student orientation and academic advising.

Head to the Admitted Students page to learn more about what to do after you’re admitted.

International Applicants

Once you submit your application, you will receive an email with information on how to share required immigration documents with our office. Refer to our How to Apply: International Students page for more post-application steps.

Transfer Applicants

Once you’ve submitted your application and transcripts, visit the application status page to view your admission status and complete any additional steps.

Options if Denied

What happens if you don’t meet the minimum admission requirements? If you are missing a required credit or two, you can definitely still apply. Applicants who do not quite meet our published admission requirements will automatically receive a comprehensive review that considers the rigor of the curriculum, core course GPA and extenuating circumstances mentioned in an accompanying personal statement or letter of recommendation. We might recommend that you re-take the ACT or SAT, or we’ll wait to make a decision until later in your senior year.

Some students graduating from Missouri high schools who have applied and been denied admission may be eligible for Mizzou’s Trial Admission Program. Another option to explore if you’ve been denied is Mizzou’s Tiger Pathways program. Learn about each of these programs to find out if you’re eligible.

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Track your progress

Check your application status weekly, both after applying and after you’ve been accepted to Mizzou. You’ll find next steps for every part of your admissions and enrollment process.