Credits & Transfers

To help make the transfer process a little easier, Mizzou offers a transfer course equivalency site that gives you an idea of what credits will transfer into Mizzou. The site offers course equivalencies for most colleges and universities in Missouri and select out-of-state institutions.

If your school is not listed, Transferology is a useful tool to see how your courses may apply toward a degree at Mizzou. We will evaluate those courses upon admission.

After you have been admitted to Mizzou, an admissions evaluator will go over your transcripts to see which credits will transfer with you. If you are transferring from outside the state of Missouri, a faculty member may have to review your transcript as well, which can lengthen the process.

Transfer Credits

Transfer Course Equivalency

Visit our transfer course equivalencies site to get an idea of what courses will transfer to Mizzou. This site has course equivalencies for most colleges and universities in Missouri as well as select out-of-state institutions.

Generally, any credit earned at an accepted accredited college will transfer to Mizzou if your coursework is geared toward a baccalaureate degree. Some programs might require grades of C or higher to satisfy certain degree requirements.

After an admitted student has received their transfer credit evaluation and met with their academic advisor, they may request a re-evaluation of a transferred course if they believe the MU equivalent course they earned credit for is not accurate. Students may use this appeal form to request a re-evaluation from the appropriate University of Missouri academic unit.

The following types of credit will not transfer to Mizzou:

  • Technical*, vocational or remedial courses
  • Courses not intended for a baccalaureate degree
  • Courses intended for a terminal vocational degree or certificate program
  • Courses from a non-accepted accredited institution
  • Advanced standing credit in a foreign language

An appeal process can be initiated at a student’s request. Click here for more information.

*unless specifically listed in a current articulation agreement.

Transferology helps you explore your college transfer options. If you want to see how your courses will apply toward a degree at Mizzou, Transferology can help by:

  • Reviewing course equivalencies
  • Running an unofficial degree audit

Other Types of Credit

To have your AP exam results considered for credit, send your scores directly to our office from the College Board.

To have your CLEP exam results considered for credit, send your scores directly to our office.

Mizzou only awards departmental exam credit taken at a UM System school.

Dual credit must be reviewed by our office before being awarded.

For more information, visit our college credits page.

Admitted Students

Once we receive your official transcript, we will review and post transfer credit on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Credit from one of our common feeder schools (see a list on is typically posted to your account and viewable in myZou within a few business days after we receive your official transcript. Credit from other schools might require faculty review, which could take several weeks.

To view this credit:

  1. Log in to Myzou
  2. Navigate to your Student Center
  3. Click on the drop-down menu in the Academics section
  4. Select Transfer Credit Report

Each individual school or college determines which transfer credits meet the requirements for your intended degree. You will find out which credits meet your degree requirements when you meet with your adviser during transfer student orientation.

If you are a current student who wants to take a course at another institution and transfer credit back to Mizzou, fill out the Transfer Course Approval form.

To access the form, log in with your MyZou username and password.