Mizzou Reverse Transfer

Mizzou Reverse Transfer is a program that helps students who transferred to Mizzou prior to earning an associate’s degree from a two-year colleges earn their associate’s degrees. Through the MRT program, you can transfer the necessary credits you earned at Mizzou back to your two-year college to complete your associate’s degree.

A detailed explanation of Missouri Reverse Transfer can be found on the Missouri Department of Higher Education’s website.

A detailed explanation of the National Reverse Transfer Program can be found here.

To be eligible for MRT, you must complete at least 15 credit hours at a two-year college.

To participate in MRT, use your myZou username and password to log in and fill out this form to give us permission to share your Mizzou transcripts with your two-year college.

The MRT program can help you:

  • Earn an associate’s degree while pursuing a bachelor’s degree.
  • Open the door to more jobs with higher pay.
  • Meet your general education requirements at a four-year institution.

Have questions?

We’re here to help you with your transition from the time you begin considering Mizzou until enrollment.