College Credits

Mizzou accepts the following types of course credit:

  • Advanced Placement (AP)
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma and certificates
  • College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
  • Departmental Examination
  • Dual Credit

Find detailed information on each of these credits below.

We do not charge a fee to post credit on your transcript earned through AP, IB or CLEP exams.

The following information applies only to exams taken during the current academic year. For information about previous academic years, contact us.

Advanced Placement Program

AP credit is generally accepted if you meet the required minimum score for each exam listed below. Visit the College Board’s website to learn how to send your scores to Mizzou. AP credit cannot be earned more than once for the same Mizzou course.

ExamMin. ScoreMizzou CourseHours Given
Government and Politics: U.S.3Pol Sci 11003
Government and Politics: Comparative3Pol Sci 27003
United States History3Hist 14005
European History3Hist 15103
World History3History/Social Science3
Econ: Macroeconomics3Econ 10153
Econ: Microeconomics3Econ 10143
Psychology3Psych 10003
Human Geography3Geography 15503
ExamMin. ScoreMizzou CourseHours Given
English Language and Composition3English 1010W3
4English 1010W & 10006
English Literature and Composition3English 1010W3
4English 1010W & 10006
5English 1010W, 1000, & Lit9
ExamMin. ScoreMizzou CourseHours Given
Art 2-D Design3Art 20013
Art Drawing Portfolio3Art 10503
Art 3-D Design3Art 20013
History of Art3Art History 11303
4Art History 1110 & 11206
Music Theory3Music 12112
5Music 1211 & 13003
ExamMin. ScoreMizzou CourseHours Given
Chinese Language
and Culture
3Chinese 11006
5Chinese 1100 & 120012
French Language3French 21003
5French 21603
French Literature3French 21603
5French 2160 & 31606
German Language3German 22603
5German 2260 & 31606
Italian3Italian 12005
5Italian 1200 & 21608
Japanese Language and Culture3Japanese 11006
5Japanese 1100 & 120012
Latin/Vergil3Latin 1100, 1200 & 200012
Latin/Literature3Latin 1100, 1200 & 200012
Portuguese3Portuguese 21603
Spanish Language3Spanish 21603
Spanish Literature3Spanish 34203
5Spanish 3420 & 34306
ExamMin. ScoreMizzou CourseHours Given
Pre-Calculus3Math 11605
Calculus AB3Math 1160 & 150010
Calculus BC3Math 1160, 1500 & 170015
Calculus BC (AB Subscore)3Math 1160 & 150010
Computer Science A3Computer Science 21113
4Computer Science 33303
Computer Science Principles3Computer Science 20013
Statistics3Statistics 25003
ExamMin. ScoreMizzou CourseHours Given
Biology3Biology 10305
4Bio Sci 15005
Chemistry3Chem 13204
4Chem 1320 & 13308
Environmental Science3Bio Sci 10603
Physics I3Physics 12104
Physics II3Physics 12204
Physics C-Mechanics3Physics 12104
4Physics 27505
Physics C-Electricity/Magnetism3Physics 12204
4Physics 27605
ExamMin. ScoreMizzou CourseHours Given
AP Research3Misc Elec 13
AP Seminar3Misc Elec 23

International Baccalaureate Diploma & Certificates

IB credit is generally accepted if you meet the required minimum score for standard-level or higher-level exams listed below. Visit the International Baccalaureate’s website to learn how to send your IB transcript to Mizzou.

ExamMin. ScoreMizzou CourseHours Given
Business and Management SL/HL4Management 30003
Global Politics SL5Political Science 14003
Global Politics HL5Political Science 1400, Political Science SSC5
History SL5History/Social Science3
History HL5History/Social Science5
Geography HL5Geog 1100 & 12006
Economics HL6Econ Elective3
Philosophy SL6Phil 10003
Philosophy HL5Phil 10003
Psychology SL5Psych 10003
Psychology HL5Psych 10003
Social Anthropology SL/HL6Anthro 20303
World Religions SL4Religious Studies 21103
ExamMin. ScoreMizzou CourseHours Given
Chinese Language B SL5Chinese 11006
Chinese Language B HL5Chinese 1100 & 120012
English A: Literature HL5English Lit3
English A: Language & Literature HL5English Lit3
French SL5French 21603
French HL5French 3420 or 34303
German SL5German 11003
German HL5German 1100, 1200 & 210013
Spanish SL5Spanish 21603
Spanish HL5Spanish 3420 or 34303
ExamMin. ScoreMizzou CourseHours Given
Latin and Greek HL5Latin 4300 + 1100, 1200 & 200016
ExamMin. ScoreMizzou CourseHours Given
Theater Arts SL & HL5Theater Humanities3
Music SL & HL5Music Humanities3
Film SL & HL5Film Studies3
ExamMin. ScoreMizzou CourseHours Given
Mathematics SL5Math 1160 & 150010
Mathematics HL5Math 1160, 1500 & Math elective13
Math Studies SL5Math 1050 & Stat 12006
Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches SL5Math 1100 & 14006
Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches HL5Math 1160 & 150010
Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation SL5Math 10503
Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation HL5Math 1100 & 14006
Info. Tech SL & HL4Infotech Elective3
ExamMin. ScoreMizzou CourseHours Given
Biology SL & HL4Bio Sci 10305
5Bio Sci 15005
Chemistry SL5Chem 11003
Chemistry HL5Chem 11003
6Chem 1320 & 13308
Environmental Systems & Societies SL4Biology 10603
Marine Science SL5Geology 12503
Physics HL5Physics 1210 & 12208

Credit by College-Level Examination Program

You are eligible to earn CLEP credit if you have fewer than 90 hours of college credit. Credit can be applied only to a course in your program of study. In most cases, your scaled score must be higher than 50 to earn credit. Exceptions are noted below.

Credit is accepted by most individual schools and colleges but might not be considered by your specific degree program.

Visit the CLEP website to learn how to send your scores to Mizzou.

ExamCreditMizzou Course
American Government3Pol Sci 1100
Introductory Psychology3Psych 1000
Human Growth & Development3HDFS 2400
Principles of Macroeconomics3Econ 1015
Principles of Microeconomics3Econ 1014
Introductory Sociology3Soc 1000
ExamCreditMizzou Course
College French: Levels 1 & 24-8French 1100 & 1200
College German Language5-10German 1100 & 1200
College Spanish Language4-8Spanish 1100 & 1200
ExamCreditMizzou Course
American Literature3ENGL 2300 LIT elective
English Literature3ENGL LIT
ExamCreditMizzou Course
Calculus with Elementary Functions5Math 1500
College Algebra3Math 1100
College Mathematics3Math 1050
General Biology3Bio Sci 1010
General Chemistry4Chem 1320
Pre-Calculus5Math 1160
ExamCreditMizzou Course
Information Systems & Computer Application0
Principles of Management*3Mangmt 3000
Principles of Accounting0
Introductory Business Law*3Mangmt 3540
Principles of Marketing**3Mrktng 3000

* Scores of 75 or better only
** Scores of 65 or better only

Departmental Examination

You are eligible to earn credit through departmental exams if:

  • you have completed fewer than 90 hours of credit
  • you have never been enrolled in the course you are taking the exam for

Types of Exams

Departmental exams are similar to the final exam given in that course. Exams are given in one of the following formats:

  • objective tests given by MU Testing Services
  • written tests given by the department
  • performance or proficiency exams given by the department (foreign languages, mathematics, engineering graphics, etc.)

Departmental Exams

Contact the department that gives a particular exam for information about departmental exams.

Dual Credit

We accept the majority of courses taken for dual credit at regionally accredited colleges or universities. The credit must be documented on a transcript and sent to Mizzou.

There are no limits on the number of dual credits you can earn. We recommend you check with your academic department to see whether the credits will count toward your major.

Credits are more likely to be accepted if they apply to your general education requirements rather than to courses within your major.

See our transfer course equivalency site to learn more about which dual credits Mizzou accepts. If your school is not listed, Transferology can give you an idea of how your courses will apply toward a degree at Mizzou.

1-8-1-8 and UMSL Advanced Transfer Credit Programs

We accept credit earned through:

Send your transcript to our office to have these credits processed.

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