Honors College

The Honors College at the University of Missouri is home to talented, highly motivated, enthusiastic students constantly pushing the boundaries of their knowledge. If you seek a tight-knit community dedicated to academic excellence yet appreciate the wealth of opportunities offered by a large, distinguished research institution, then the MU Honors College welcomes you.

As an Honors College student, you’ll gain access to challenging courses — along with programs and extra-curricular activities — for an enriched academic and social experience. You’ll work closely with Mizzou’s highest-caliber professors to create assignments, pursue higher intellectual goals, take on more extensive reading, conduct ambitious lab work and engage in deeper discussions. You’ll also have the opportunity to live in honors housing and earn an honors certificate.

The benefits of being an Honors College student include:

  • Priority course registration
  • Guaranteed or early admission to some MU professional programs and undergraduate majors
  • The choice to live in an Honors Learning Community (HLC)
  • Access to scholarships, research fellowships, and aid, which provide unique benefits and paid research and artistry opportunities
  • Honors College advisors in addition to your advisor for your major

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    Submit the general application for admission at Mizzou.

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    Apply to the Honors College.

    Access the application via your application status page.

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