Contact Sarah

Hometown: Bauru

Home country: Brazil

Major: Journalism

Languages I speak: English, Portuguese

  • Why I picked my major: I’ve always loved reading and writing, and journalism gives me the opportunity to do both while also being a way to inform people about things that they would be ignorant to otherwise.
  • Favorite class: Journalism 1300 (Fundamentals of Written Journalism) because I got to learn how to better my writing and more about the journalism industry’s inner workings.
  • Favorite Mizzou memory: Seeing my name in a byline for the first time in print on The Maneater.
  • Biggest surprise about coming to Mizzou: Meeting people that, despite growing in completely different environments, have so much in common with each other.
  • Favorite on-campus meal: Mort’s fried chicken and waffle fries at the Student Center.
  • Favorite activity in Columbia: Going out to The Blue Note on theme nights.