Contact Jose

Hometown: Villanueva

Home country: Honduras

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Languages I speak: Spanish, English

  • Favorite Mizzou Memory: Making my way downtown to the International Center at Memorial Union and running into my childhood friend, Camila, after a decade. Camila and I talked about the memories that made us who we are and what awaits us at Mizzou. To this day, we are still catching up. Truly, a memory that will last for life.
  • Favorite study spot on campus: Any place that has a coffee shop, but Lafferre Hall and Ellis Library are the way to go.
  • Five words to describe Mizzou: Heart of the Great Midwest.
  • Why I chose my major: I am majoring in Biomedical Engineering. My initial plan was to study medicine, but the concept of blending engineering into medicine fascinated me. Thus, applying both branches to the real-world sounds like a challenge, but the possibilities are endless.
  • Fun fact about me: I believe the Star Wars sequels were good, but not as good as the originals and prequels, hands down; Kylo Ren and Obi-Wan are my favorite characters.