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Two options to apply

You have two options to apply for Fall 2022.

Refer to our traditional, published admission requirements to see if your existing ACT or SAT score will automatically admit you to Mizzou. If it does, you should go ahead and apply with a test score.

If you’ve been unable to test or your current test score doesn’t meet our published admission standards, you can apply test-optional and be reviewed holistically. This means we will look at your high school transcript and three short essays that are included in your application for admission.

Applying test-optional now still gives you the option to convert with a test score later. However, if you apply with a test score now and receive a decision, you are no longer able to apply test-optional.

Admission Requirements Test-optional Admission

When to apply

Most enrollment steps have deadlines. So even though you can apply for admission anytime, applying by Nov. 15 ensures you can qualify for maximum scholarship opportunities and complete enrollment steps as they become available.

Dates & Deadlines

Let us help you get here. Send your transcript, submit your test scores (or use our test optional process), and submit your application starting August 1.

Your get-to-Mizzou guide

Right after you submit your application for admission, you’ll get access to your personalized Application Status Page. This will be your guide.

You’ll check it often (at least every week) to see the status of required documents (transcript, test score, personal statement, and resume), how to apply for general and departmental scholarships, and any competitive scholarship applications you qualify for.

After you’re admitted, you’ll complete your next steps towards enrollment here, too. These steps include accepting your admission, paying the enrollment fee, completing the housing process, and registering for Summer Welcome (orientation).

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Enhance your application

Throughout your senior year, you are welcome to enhance your application with:

  • New test scores. We accept Superscores directly from ACT and will calculate them for SAT takers. Higher test scores could increase your scholarship opportunities, and a new score – even if lower – will never negatively impact your file or your financial aid.
  • Updated transcripts.
  • Additional materials. We do not require letters of recommendation but will accept them if a student has a need for supplemental materials.

Maximize Scholarships

To maximize your scholarship opportunities, apply by Nov. 15. This ensures you can meet the priority deadline for departmental and general scholarships as well as deadlines for all competitive scholarships. Plan ahead, though, especially for competitive scholarships. Many require essays and/or letters of recommendation.

We will award automatic scholarships through July. You can continue to submit test scores through the June and July test dates.

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Uncertain or changing financial situations

Be sure to file the FAFSA annually, including the year before you start college. It is available on Oct. 1 each year. Use the IRS data-retrieval tool to make filling it out simpler and less time-consuming. You must complete it by our Jan. 7 deadline.

The 2022 FAFSA will look at your family’s financial information from tax year 2020. We completely understand that situations have changed for many people since then. Our Financial Aid office has a team dedicated to reviewing these changing situations, which we call “Special Circumstances.” If your family’s income has drastically changed since 2020, you can start a conversation with your financial aid advisor after you receive your financial aid offer in mid-March.

Honors College for test-optional students

Test-optional students will be reviewed holistically for admission to the Honors College. Students who are eligible to apply will see the Honors College Application on their Application Status Page. The deadline to apply for Honors is March 1.

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