Admissions Representatives

Mizzou admissions representatives are excited to answer your questions. Each rep is assigned a geographic territory, but feel free to contact anyone below. You might meet our representatives at a high school or college fair, or when you visit Mizzou’s campus. Representatives are knowledgeable about all aspects of Mizzou: majors, student clubs, costs, dining halls — you name it. They can also provide you with information about how the admissions process works and what you need to do to become a Tiger.

Stefanie Duff

Stefanie Duff

North Chicago

Hometown: Smithville, Missouri

Degree: BA '13 in music, BA '13 in communication

  • Favorite deep dish pizza:  The “Lou” from Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria
  • Favorite Chicago spot: The view from the steps of the Field Museum
  • Favorite Mizzou tradition:  Homecoming, of course!

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Donal Buckner

Donal Buckner

Transfer Admissions Rep

Hometown: Sedalia, MO

Degree: BA ’11; MA ’15, youth development

  • Favorite spot on campus: The Quad and Faurot Field! My favorite games at Faurot Field are the homecoming and the blackout games.
  • Favorite place to eat in Columbia: The Nachos Bianco at Addison's are the best nachos I have ever tasted.
  • Favorite activities: I enjoy golfing, barbecuing and spending time with friends and family.

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Tommy Rogers

Tommy Rogers

Northwestern Missouri

Hometown: Santa Monica, California

Degree: M Ed ’15

  • Favorite aspect of northwestern Missouri: I absolutely love watching the sunrise and sunset over the farmland. Where I’m originally from, we don’t have a lot of open fields and farms. I also love stargazing and spotting constellations in the sky.
  • Favorite book series: I enjoy reading the Ender’s Game saga. The author, Orson Scott Card, does a great job of exploring dynamic themes and creating a universe that is foreign yet very similar to ours.
  • Favorite movie series: I’m a huge Star Wars fan (yes, I even enjoyed the prequels). I’m also familiar the lore within the Star Wars universe.

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Veronica Leyva

Veronica Leyva

Southern California

Hometown: Nogales, AZ

Degree: BS '12 in Family & Human Development, University of Arizona

  • Favorite Quote: "May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears." — Nelson Mandela
  • Favorite Holiday: New Year's!
  • Favorite Stay-cation Destination: Universal Studios, Hollywood

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Sarah Sprick

Sarah Sprick


Hometown: Eagan, Minnesota

Degree: BS '16, political communication; BS '16, psychology

  • Favorite TV Show: The Office
  • Favorite place to eat in Columbia: Flat Branch Pub and Brewing
  • Favorite spot on campus: Memorial Union

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Anthony Scarpiniti

Anthony Scarpiniti

Northeastern Missouri

Hometown: Lombard, Illinois

Degree: BA '16, communication

  • Favorite campus spot: Sitting on the Quad or columns on a sunny spring day
  • Favorite movie: The Breakfast Club
  • Random fact about me: I have seen well over 100 musical acts (and counting) at concerts or music festivals.

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Macenzie Schoenfelt

Macenzie Schoenfelt

West Central Missouri

Hometown: Chesterton, IN

Degree: Degree: BA’ 15 Inter Disciplinary Studies with emphasis in Communication, Psychology and Architectural Studies & Business Minor

  • Favorite Local Spots: Flatbranch Pub and Brewery & Logboat Brewery
  • One Thing I Can’t Live Without: Coffee. My favorite is Shortwave in Alley A downtown, but Starbucks is good too.
  • Favorite T.V. Show: Gilmore Girls

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Raghvendra Singh

Raghvendra Singh

International Admissions Rep

Hometown: Gandhinagar, India

Degree: BA ’05 in English Literature (Maharaja Sayajirao University), MA ’08 in Communication (University of Central Missouri)

  • Languages I speak: English, Hindi and Gujarati
  • Favorite activities: I love traveling, cooking, baking bread, watching independent movies and learning more about the world.
  • Fact about me: I came to the United States in 2006 as an international student.

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Jon _ 1800x1200

Jon Emery

Southwestern Missouri

Hometown: Nevada, Missouri

Degree: BFA ’08 in Art with Emphasis in Photography

  • Favorite activities: Hiking, camping, traveling, reading and landscape photography
  • Favorite undergrad memories: Tiger Walk, studying abroad, volunteering in the International Center and home football games
  • Favorite spot in SW Missouri: Roaring River State Park

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Tori Schlotzhauer

Tori Schlotzhauer 

St. Louis Area

Hometown: New Franklin, Missouri

Degree: BS HES ’15, family and lifespan development

  • Favorite place to eat in Columbia: Murry’s
  • Favorite free-time activity: Reading — anything
  • Favorite type of jokes: Anything punny

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Brandon Mills

Brandon Mills

Dallas-Fort Worth and greater Texas

Hometown: Troy, Missouri

Degree: BS BA ’11, marketing

  • Favorite campus activity: Singing all four years with Add9, Mizzou's premier men’s a cappella group
  • Favorite campus dining: I ate at Baja Grill (in Schurz Hall) at least four times a week during undergrad — not exaggerating.
  • Greek-life fact: I rushed my fraternity as a junior.

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Adam Cribbs

Adam Cribbs

South Central Missouri

Hometown: Springfield, Mo.

Degree: BA Communication ‘13

  • Favorite Place to Eat in Columbia: CJ’s Wings
  • Favorite TV Show: The Office
  • Favorite Place on Campus: Reading Room at Ellis Library
  • Favorite Mizzou Memory: Homecoming 2010 Win over OU

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Kate Migliazzo

Kate Migliazzo 

Kansas City and Kansas

Hometown: Blue Springs, Missouri

Degree: BS Ed ’15, cross categorical special education

  • Favorite campus spot: Faurot Field (Memorial Stadium)
  • Favorite Kansas City barbecue: Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que
  • Favorite Movie: A League of Their Own

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Emma McIntyre

Hometown: Springfield, Missouri

Degree: BA ’15, History

  • Favorite coffee in Columbia: Shortwave Coffee! A great spot to study and fuel up.
  • Favorite place to eat in Columbia: India’s House.
  • Favorite spot on campus: The archives at the State Historical Society.
  • Favorite CoMo activity: Attending the True/False Film Festival every year! It brings in thousands of people, including the directors of the documentaries featured. You might meet a future Oscar-winner!

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Katharine Whitener


Hometown: Columbia

Degree: BS HES ’11, textile and apparel management

  • Favorite part of traveling in the South: Warmer weather year round
  • Favorite campus spot: Memorial Stadium on a sunny, 70 degree Saturday afternoon
  • Favorite Mizzou tradition: Tiger Walk

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Aaron Cook

Aaron Cook

Houston, Texas and northern California

Hometown: Independence, Missouri

Degree: BS BA ’99, Rockhurst University (Kansas City, Missouri)

  • Favorite campus spot: Tiger Plaza
  • Favorite campus dining hall: The MARK on 5th Street
  • Favorite random Mizzou fact: There were once two tiger mascots at Mizzou — a male and a female — but neither had a name.

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Mariya _ 1800x1200

Mariya Chukas

Urban public school districts of Kansas City and St. Louis

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Degree: BS ’17, Business Administration, Marketing

  • Favorite places to eat in Columbia: Jazz, Seoul Taco, and Hot Box Cookies
  • Favorite sports: Football, Basketball, Volleyball
  • Favorite Residence Hall: College Avenue (Fun fact: I lived there all four years!)

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Mikala Vaughn

Mikala Vaughn

East Central Missouri

Hometown: Columbia, Mo.

Degree: BS HES ’16 Textile and Apparel Management

  • Favorite Campus Spot: Memorial Union
  • Favorite Coffee in Columbia: Lakota
  • Favorite Movie: Toss-up between Breakfast at Tiffany’s and The Godfather

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Kylie _ 1800x1200

Kylie Tutko

Colorado and Minnesota

Hometown: Colorado

Degree: BA ’12, Spanish; BJ ’12, strategic communication

  • Favorite Mizzou residence hall: Mark Twain — pre-renovation when it still had a pool
  • Favorite nachos in Columbia: Addison’s
  • Favorite weekend activity: Hiking at the Pinnacles

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Allison Pudlick

Allison Pudlik 

Central Illinois

Hometown: St. Charles, Illinois

Degree: BA ’15, interdisciplinary studies

  • Favorite TV show: Parks and Recreation
  • Favorite food: Chicago-style pizza
  • Favorite Mizzou tradition: Homecoming, specifically campus decorations and pomping

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Jennifer Shaughnessy

Jennifer Shaughnessy

Atlanta, Georgia

Hometown: Grand Ridge, IL

Degree: BA ’98 in English Literature and Public Relations, Illinois Wesleyan University

  • Favorite Quote: “Go into the world and do well.  But more importantly, go into the world and do good.”  Minor Myers, jr.
  • Favorite Things:  Family, friends, my two dogs, music, sports, art, travel, coffee, animals and doing anything active outdoors
  • Favorite Vacation Spot:  Anywhere on a beach

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Tim Eggleston

Tim Eggleston

St. Louis

Hometown: St. Louis

Degree: BS BA ’09, business administration

  • Favorite restaurant in Columbia: Flat Branch Pub & Brewing
  • Favorite campus spot: Anywhere on Francis Quadrangle. You have a great view and sense of history while walking around that part of campus. You’re also only a couple minutes from downtown Columbia.
  • Why Mizzou?: I chose Mizzou because I felt comfortable the moment I stepped on campus. I also loved the resources and opportunities to meet new people, find and grow your interests, and discover career opportunities.

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Jordan Moore

Jordan Moore

DC Metro (including Maryland and Virginia) and Northeastern U.S.

Hometown: Centreville, VA

Degree: English '12

  • Favorite DC Spot: The Kennedy Center
  • Favorite Sports Teams: Washington Redskins & Washington Nationals
  • Favorite DC Event: Cherry Blossom Festival

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Phelan Simpkins

South Chicago

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Degree: BS '16 in Biochemistry

  • Favorite Spot on campus: The BCC (worked and slept)
  • Favorite Quote: "You can learn a lesson one of two ways: through pain and strife or thought and reflection." — Arnell Monroe
  • Favorite Mizzou Memory: Hosting midnight Hide N' Go Seek on the quad during finals week.

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