You’re right where you need to be.

Engage your interests • Design your future • Let us help


  • Video has no audio. Multiple scenes of campus. Students are seen walking to and from class on Fracis Quadrangle, working in the Tiger Garden flower shop, studying at the MU Student Center, walking through the research labs and more.

High school is an exciting time. You have four years ahead of you to learn and grow and get involved in whatever catches your interest. You are right where you should be.

The future is on the horizon. You might have a good idea what you want yours to look like, or you might not. It’s okay not to know. You deserve time and freedom to explore your interests plus guidance to help you get there.

Right now, focus on discovering what drives you.

Your future is up to you. We’ll be here to help you write your story along the way.

Make a plan.

Mizzou is here to help you with whatever questions you have about life after high school, and so is your school counselor. Use those resources!

Dream big.

Discover what interests and motivates you. That will be the starting point for wherever your future takes you.

Focus on growth.

With four years of high school ahead of you, you don’t need to have your whole future mapped out now. We’ll help you keep an eye on what’s ahead of you while you work on your present.

Let’s get started.

Tell us more about yourself below, and we’ll keep in touch with helpful information about finding success in high school and beyond.


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