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More than ever, the University of Missouri is expanding access to a world-class education for all students.

Dedicated scholarships and simplified award criteria mean more students coming to Mizzou from other states will qualify for financial aid.

All students are considered for automatic awards upon admission, including the Mark Twain award for nonresidents, the Black & Gold legacy award for those with family ties to Mizzou and Border State award for students from one of the eight states bordering Missouri. Information about competitive awards can be found on our main scholarships page.

Automatic awards for Nonresidents

Award details listed below apply to students entering Fall 2021. All awards are renewable provided certain criteria are met. Unless otherwise noted, scholarships may not be combined. Nonresident scholarships can only be applied to the nonresident portion of tuition.

Students applying test-optional for admission are reviewed holistically for scholarships.

Mark Twain Level 1 Full reduction of nonresident fees (estimated $17,204) See table below
Mark Twain Level 2 $7,000 See table below
Black & Gold Level 1 Full reduction of nonresident fees (estimated $17,204) See table below Have a biological, adoptive or stepparent who graduated from the University of Missouri (Mizzou)
Black & Gold Level 2 Half reduction of nonresident fees (estimated $8,602) See table below Have a biological, adoptive or stepparent who graduated from the University of Missouri (Mizzou)
Border State Award* $2,500 See table below Reside in one of the eight states that border Missouri.
Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Tennessee
National Merit Finalist Scholarship** Full reduction of nonresident fees (estimated $17,204)
+one-time payment $2,000 for research/study abroad
Deemed a National Merit Finalist by National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) Declare the University of Missouri first choice with NMSC

*Border State Award can only be combined with Mark Twain Level 2 or Black & Gold Level 2

**Nonresident students whose nonresident tuition is paid by another source are not eligible to receive the National Merit nonresident tuition fee reduction. If Missouri residency is obtained, the fee reduction of nonresident tuition will be removed and will not be replaced with any comparable Missouri resident award.

Unless noted, all scholarships/fee reductions require recipients to enroll at Mizzou the first semester after high school graduation. Some scholarships/fee reductions are subject to change without notice. They are not to be regarded as offers to contract. Financial aid awards from all sources (federal, state, institutional or private aid) may not exceed the annual cost of attendance assigned by MU. Applications for Stamps Scholars and all Honors Scholars & Fellows programs in the Honors College are due by Dec. 1. The deadline for applications for general and departmental scholarships in ScholarshipUniverse and the Brooks Award has been extended to January 13. The recommended date to apply for Admission to meet these deadlines is Nov. 15.


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Apply for admission to be considered for automatic scholarships. For maximum scholarship consideration, apply to Mizzou by Nov. 15 of your senior year.


To be considered for internal and external scholarships, complete applications through your Status Page by Jan. 7.  Competitive scholarships have specific criteria, so watch your email for important info. Honors Scholars & Fellows and Stamps Scholars applications are due by Dec. 1.


For loans and grants, submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by Jan. 7 for priority consideration.

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Missouri’s process for gaining residency can save you thousands in as little as one year. Until you officially become a Missouri resident, you can still receive nonresident scholarships. After that, gaining in-state tuition can save you an estimated $17,000 each year!

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