MizzouMACC is a co-enrollment program between Moberly Area Community College (MACC) and the University of Missouri (Mizzou). MizzouMACC students experience the depth and breadth of a four-year university while enjoying the affordability and academic flexibility found at a two-year institution. This collaborative program includes academic advisers, faculty and staff at MACC and Mizzou who work together to help students succeed. The program provides enhanced academic advising to ease the transfer of credits and increases campus involvement to foster student success.

The MizzouMACC program is limited to the first 200 students who have submitted all application materials and have been accepted to the program. Students must pay the $300 enrollment fee by May 1 to secure his/her space in the program.

Program benefits

Co-enrollment. MizzouMACC students enroll in coursework at MACC and Mizzou. MizzouMACC students take MACC courses (9 to 12 hours) and Mizzou courses (1 to 6 hours) to ensure efficient use of time and financial resources.

Campus resources. MizzouMACC students have access to all MACC and Mizzou services, including the library, recreation center, student health services, technology labs, student organizations and athletic events. Standard fees apply.

Registration. MizzouMACC students starting this program in the fall may register for Mizzou courses in June. Registration for MACC courses begins in April.

Enhanced academic preparation through advising on both campuses. Integrating coursework between the two campuses allows a student to establish a Mizzou GPA, which eases the transition into Mizzou degree programs.

A+ Scholarship. Qualifying MizzouMACC students may use A+ funds toward MACC’s tuition and fees if enrolled in 12 or more credit hours between MACC and Mizzou.


Missouri residents. Only residents of the state of Missouri may participate in the MizzouMACC program.

First-time college students. Graduating high school seniors with a minimum 17 ACT composite or 820 SAT combined critical reading and math score (pre-March 2016 exam), or 900 SAT (redesigned exam) score are eligible to apply. If a student does not have an ACT or SAT score, or college credit, the student may take the ACT residually on Mizzou’s campus (fees apply) one time post high school graduation. A residual ACT may only be used on the campus where it is taken.

Application Process

1. Submit a MizzouMACC application.

2. Apply through standard procedures as a degree-seeking associate of arts student at MACC. Enrollment in this program is open to students attending any MACC campus.

3. Have your official ACT/SAT scores sent to the Office of Admissions at Mizzou from the testing agency or your high school.

4. Have your high school counselor send your transcript to the Office of Admissions at Mizzou.


Admitted MizzouMACC students will receive communication from Mizzou’s Office of New Student Programs to sign up for orientation sessions. Several session dates will be available.

Billing and Costs

Students receive bills from both Mizzou and MACC. Students must make payments at both institutions, and the accounts are managed separately. Billing from Mizzou will be similar to the standard structure, although MizzouMACC students are not assessed late fees until October if enrolled in the fall semester. This is because MACC does not disperse aid until 45 days after classes begin. Students pay respective tuition and fees at Mizzou and MACC.

Estimated Costs

Students receiving an offer of acceptance must pay the $300 enrollment fee to secure their place in the MizzouMACC program.

The table below shows the estimated cost of attendance for MizzouMACC the 2020-21 academic year (fall and spring semesters). The estimates below assume that the student is enrolled in 12 credit hours per semester at MACC and 3 credit hours per semester at Mizzou.

Tuition and fees are based on a per-credit-hour basis, so overall costs may vary. Net price calculators are available on both the Mizzou and MACC websites.

Expense Estimated Cost
Tuition & Fees $4,416
Books $800
Tuition & Fees* $1,836
Books $122
Housing & Meals $10,668
Total $17,776

*additional fees such as parking, student health, and rec center fees not included

Financial Aid

Financial aid for MizzouMACC students is dispersed by MACC’s Financial Aid Office. MACC has a number of scholarships which MizzouMACC students may apply for and receive if they meet eligibility guidelines.

Students are encouraged to file a FASFA with MACC (school code 002491). MACC has a number of scholarships for which MizzouMACC students may apply if they meet eligibility guidelines. Questions regarding financial aid at MACC should be sent to finaid@macc.edu.

Mizzou financial aid and scholarships are not available to MizzouMACC students until the student is admitted to Mizzou as a full-time, degree-seeking student.

MizzouMACC students wishing to use financial aid to assist with MU costs must sign MACC’s financial aid consortium agreement to participate in this program.

Missouri A+ Scholarship

A+ funding is available during the fall and spring semesters to eligible students enrolled in at least 12 credits per semester between both institutions. Students must enroll in a minimum of 6 hours at MACC to use A+ funding during the summer. A+ funding cannot be applied to Mizzou tuition and fees.


Academic advising for Mizzou courses is provided by advisers from Mizzou’s Transfer Center who work with academic department advisers on behalf of the student. Advising for MACC courses is provided by MACC. The transfer of academic information will be coordinated by academic advisers on both campuses.

Student Life


MizzouMACC students are required to live on campus in MU Residential Life-operated housing. MU dining options are available to MizzouMACC students.

Student Life and Services

MizzouMACC students have full access to all Mizzou and MACC services (standard fees required) and extracurricular activities, including the library, recreation center, student health, technology labs and more than 600 student organizations.


Students must find their own transportation between Mizzou and MACC’s campuses, a distance of 2.7 miles. There is no shuttle transportation provided.

Progressing Through the Program

Students must complete a minimum of 24 hours, including at least 18 hours at MACC and 4 hours at MU within a 12-month period, and maintain a 2.0 GPA at each institution. We encourage students to take at least 15 hours per semester in order to graduate in four years from most bachelor’s degree programs. The maximum number of terms for participation in the MizzouMACC program is five, excluding summer terms.

After completing the MizzouMACC program (or earlier if determined by the student and academic advisers), the student may apply for transfer admission to Mizzou as a degree-seeking student, pay the application fee and supply copies of all required documents, including transcripts from schools the student might have attended other than Mizzou and MACC. The student will not be required to pay the $300 enrollment fee or attend transfer orientation.

Through the agreement signed upon entering the program, MizzouMACC students will have their transcripts from Mizzou sent back to MACC in order for the earned Mizzou credits to be applied toward their associate of arts (AA) degree. We encourage students who transfer to Mizzou before earning their AA degree to opt-in to the Missouri Reverse Transfer program which allows students to have their Mizzou coursework evaluated and used by MACC to progress toward earning their associate of arts degree.

Program Contacts

University of Missouri


Donal Buckner
Academic Advisor


General questions

Office of Admissions

Moberly Area Community College

Advising & General Questions

Michele McCall
Dean of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management