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Hometown: Xian

Home country: China

Major: Journalism, French

Languages I speak: Chinese, English, French

  • Why I chose Mizzou: First, my dream is to be a war correspondent, and Mizzou provides a top-notch journalism education with real-life opportunities. Second, I love the traditional campus of Mizzou and believe the atmosphere can help me to develop personally and also in academic studies. Last but not least, I felt the caring atmosphere of Mizzou while I was making my decision. Everyone involved in my application process was always willing to help.
  • What I was nervous about before leaving home: I was afraid that I wouldn’t make any friends, because I am not that outgoing and I don’t enjoy party life so much. But I was wrong because there are all kinds of culture organizations for international students and different types of social activities for everyone.
  • My research on campus: I am now researching art journalism for my class and doing interviews with the Art and Archeology Museum in our School. The museum completely shocked me with its incredible collection.