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Hometown: Lianyungang

Home country: China

Major: Business administration

Languages I speak: Chinese, English

  • My Mizzou experience: Mizzou provides you with a lot of amazing opportunities and helps you to achieve your potential. I explored so many of my “first time” experiences in the past two years studying at Mizzou. I went on my first road trip to Chicago with my society to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day; explored the local jazz culture with a group of international students; attended the National Hotel exhibition with scholars from my program; learned how to play sand volleyball with my American friends; met my best friend from another country in English Club; obtained my first on campus job and held so many events on my floor while working as a Resident Advisor. My point is that none of those would have happened if I hadn't come to Mizzou. Mizzou is a great place to start your fantastic and memorable journey.
  • Favorite Mizzou tradition: Rubbing David R. Francis’ nose for good luck on coming exams
  • Jobs I've had on campus: I had a customer service job in the Student Center and right now I am working as a Resident Advisor. Both of them helped me get involved on campus and learn about the local culture from different perspectives.