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Hometown: Taipei

Home country: Taiwan

Major: Information Technology

Languages I speak: Mandarin, English

  • Favorite class taken: NEP 1340 Intro to Exercise and Fitness. It is not from my major but it’s interesting and fun. The final project is to design an exercise training program for yourself.
  • What would you tell a prospective student about your Mizzou experience: Mizzou provides a lot of great opportunities inside and outside of the classroom, so I could explore new things, have connections with people around the globe, and learn more about myself. The community is really friendly and open to all. Don’t hesitate to step out of your comfort zone and try new things!
  • Favorite movie/TV show: Friends is my first and favorite TV series of all time.
  • Fun Fact: My whole family (my parents and my older sister) are all MU Tigers!