International Student Ambassadors

International student ambassadors are current Mizzou students who are here to answer your questions. Our international students come from many different countries, speak a variety of languages, and pursue various majors and interests on campus. Ambassadors are knowledgeable about all aspects of Mizzou: degree programs, student clubs, dining halls, arriving in Columbia — you name it. They are excited to talk to you and help you become a Tiger, too. Please feel free to contact anyone below.



Hometown: Ahmedabad

Home country: India

Major: Biological Sciences, Physics

Languages I speak: English, Hindi, Gujarati, Sanskrit

  • Why I chose my major: I am kind of a science person and I think there are so many issues and problems in healthcare which have no defined or specific cure. I wish to make an impact for welfare within the same.
  • Favorite campus location: The Columns/the Quad
  • Favorite study spot on campus: Bookmark Café in Ellis Library

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Hometown: São Paulo

Home country: Brazil

Major: Digital Storytelling

Languages I speak: Portuguese, English, Spanish

  • Favorite Mizzou memory: Living in Hatch Hall my first year at Mizzou.
  • Why I picked my major: I really like the communication, advertising and digital media universes. Also, I am a video game enthusiast and, in the future, I plan to work with developing and designing games.
  • Favorite class taken: My favorite class so far was 3D Materials and Methods where I could create art pieces with my own hands. Everything I brainstormed became reality after some hard work. The results were amazing.
  • Fun facts about me: I love to grow ornamental plants, especially cacti. And do not forget my passion for videogames, particularly Mario Kart.

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Hometown: Xian

Home country: China

Major: Journalism

Languages I speak: Chinese, English, French

  • Why did you choose Mizzou: I chose Mizzou for several reasons. First off, my dream is to be a war correspondent, and Mizzou provides a top-notch journalism education with real-life opportunities. Secondly, I love the traditional campus of Mizzou and believe the atmosphere can help me to develop personally and also in academic studies. Last but not least, I felt the strong humanistic care of Mizzou while I was making my decision. Everyone involved in my application process was always willing to help.
  • What were you excited about and/or nervous about before you left your home country: I was afraid that I wouldn’t make any friends, because I am not that outgoing and I don’t enjoy party life so much. But I was wrong because there are all kinds of culture organizations for international students and different types of social activities for everyone.
  • Are you involved in any research on campus: I am now researching about art journalism for my class and doing interviews with the art and archeology museum in our School. The museum completely shocked me with its incredible collection.

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Hometown: Qatif

Home country: Saudi Arabia

Major: Industrial Engineering

Languages I speak: Arabic, English

  • Food from home that I miss the most: Shawarma
  • What impresses me about Mizzou: The beauty of the campus
  • My on-campus job: I work at Campus Dining
  • An interesting fact about me: Prior to enrolling as an Industrial Engineering student, I studied English with the Intensive English Program on campus.

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Hometown: Seoul

Home country: South Korea

Major: Speech, Language, and Hearing Science

Languages I speak: English, Korean

  • Favorite class taken: Contemporary Health Issues class because you get to learn about factors that influence and shape the U.S. health care system, and trust me, it is very interesting.
  • Favorite campus location: Our Student Center! If you explore around, you will find good spots to eat, rest, and study.
  • Fun facts about me: I used to have a strong Irish accent, because I lived there before. I also lived in Korea, Singapore, and New York before moving to CoMo. Also, I used to be a flight attendant!

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Hometown: Kuala Lumpur

Home country: Malaysia

Major: Psychology

Languages I speak: Mandarin, English, Malay, Hokkien, learning Japanese

  • Why I chose my major: I chose psychology because I am interested in understanding people and understanding myself. Psychology knowledge makes me more objective while interacting with others.
  • Five words to describe Mizzou: Supportive, opportunity, diversity, joyful, caring
  • Favorite quote: I think therefore I am.
  • Fun fact about me: I worked as a mascot at someone's wedding dinner.

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Hometown: São Paulo

Home country: Brazil

Major: Biochemistry

Languages I speak: Portuguese, English

  • Why I chose Mizzou: I’ve been a Mizzou student for a long time. During my time in high school back in Brazil, I was already taking MU classes and I felt in love with this place ever since.
  • Favorite Mizzou memory: First day I saw the Columns and Jesse Hall in person.
  • Favorite experiential learning opportunity: FRIPS (Freshman Research in Plant Sciences) has been the most amazing experience and opportunity that Mizzou made possible. It let me work in a research lab right from my first semester of classes.
  • Fun fact about me: I love learning new languages, and my next goal is Italian, so if you know some, please come talk to me.

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Hometown: Biscarrosse

Home country: France

Major: Journalism

Languages I speak: French, English

  • Biggest surprise about coming to Mizzou: The campus is a botanical garden which makes walking to class so much more enjoyable.
  • Favorite study spot on campus: Studying at Ellis Library makes you feel like you're in a movie.
  • Favorite Mizzou tradition: Homecoming week—the parade, the house decorations in Greek Town, and the football game!

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Hometown: Villanueva

Home country: Honduras

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Languages I speak: Spanish, English

  • Favorite Mizzou memory: Making my way downtown to the International Center at Memorial Union and running into my childhood friend, Camila, after a decade. Camila and I talked about the memories that made us who we are and what awaits us at Mizzou. To this day, we are still catching up. Truly, a memory that will last for life.
  • Favorite study spot on campus: Any place that has a coffee shop, but Lafferre Hall and Ellis Library are the way to go.
  • Five words to describe Mizzou: Heart of the Great Midwest.
  • Why I chose my major: I am majoring in Biomedical Engineering. My initial plan was to study medicine, but the concept of blending engineering into medicine fascinated me. Thus, applying both branches to the real-world sounds like a challenge, but the possibilities are endless.
  • Fun fact about me: I believe the Star Wars sequels were good, but not as good as the originals and prequels, hands down; Kylo Ren and Obi-Wan are my favorite characters.

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