International Student Ambassadors

International student ambassadors are current Mizzou students who are here to answer your questions. Our international students come from many different countries, speak a variety of languages, and pursue various majors and interests on campus. Ambassadors are knowledgeable about all aspects of Mizzou: degree programs, student clubs, dining halls, arriving in Columbia — you name it. They are excited to talk to you and help you become a Tiger, too. Please feel free to contact anyone below.



Hometown: San Pedro Sula

Home country: Honduras

Major: Biomedical engineering transfer student

Languages I speak: English, Spanish

  • Why I picked my major: I love math since I can remember, and as I grew older I became more interested in how the human body functions. Biomedical engineering somehow combines both of my interests, and I am really happy to have found a major that I enjoy.
  • Why Mizzou: Mizzou has many programs that give students the opportunity to get involved in research and internships. Most of the faculty hold PhD degrees, and they encourage students to work with them.
  • What I can't live without: I can’t live without coffee. Honduras has really good coffee, and we start drinking coffee from a very early age.

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Hometown: Xian

Home country: China

Major: Journalism, French

Languages I speak: Chinese, English, French

  • Why I chose Mizzou: First, my dream is to be a war correspondent, and Mizzou provides a top-notch journalism education with real-life opportunities. Second, I love the traditional campus of Mizzou and believe the atmosphere can help me to develop personally and also in academic studies. Last but not least, I felt the caring atmosphere of Mizzou while I was making my decision. Everyone involved in my application process was always willing to help.
  • What I was nervous about before leaving home: I was afraid that I wouldn’t make any friends, because I am not that outgoing and I don’t enjoy party life so much. But I was wrong because there are all kinds of culture organizations for international students and different types of social activities for everyone.
  • My research on campus: I am now researching art journalism for my class and doing interviews with the Art and Archeology Museum in our School. The museum completely shocked me with its incredible collection.

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Dominic Youn Photo


Hometown: Masan

Home country: South Korea

Major: Computer engineering

Languages I speak: Korean, English, Japanese

  • My favorite Mizzou events: International Welcome Party, Party Around the World, and Homecoming.
  • Why I chose Mizzou: I saw and heard good, interesting things about Mizzou such as well-organized career fairs with well-known companies, the variety of research activities that I can be involved in, and events held by colleges or organizations for students to enjoy. All of this encouraged me to choose Mizzou and build the beginning of my educational career here.
  • My advice for fellow international students: Try as many things as you can while you are studying at Mizzou: join the clubs and organizations, attend conferences or guest speaker sessions, and school events. Also, do not hesitate to use office hours and tutoring sessions that the university or academic departments offer which will help you catch up or get used to the atmosphere of school and settle down easily.
  • Student organizations I belong to: I am currently active in the Korean Student Association, Mizzou Engineering Student Council, and Mizzou Fencing Club. As an active member of each organization and club, I can meet new people and learn things that are related to my major or non-major stuff. I can also try a variety of unique activities such as doing fencing, representing my country to other students and introducing my country when I attend professional conferences.

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Hometown: Qatif

Home country: Saudi Arabia

Major: Industrial Engineering

Languages I speak: Arabic, English

  • Food from home that I miss the most: Shawarma
  • What impresses me about Mizzou: The beauty of the campus
  • My on-campus job: I work at Campus Dining
  • An interesting fact about me: Prior to enrolling as an Industrial Engineering student, I studied English with the Intensive English Program on campus.

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Mustafa _ 563x338


Hometown: Tarout Island

Home country: Saudi Arabia

Major: Information Technology

Languages I speak: English, Arabic

  • Favorite building on campus: MizzouRec (MU Student Recreation Complex)
  • Favorite weekend activity on campus: Playing Soccer at Stankowski Field
  • Favorite Mizzou tradition: Homecoming Weekend

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Hometown: Brasilia

Home country: Brazil

Major: International business

Languages I speak: Portuguese, English

  • Favorite restaurant in Columbia: Bubblecup Tea Zone
  • Favorite quote: "Have courage and be kind." —Cinderella
  • Describe your Mizzou experience: Mizzou is where you can feel comfortable to be yourself and discover your future, a place that you can call home, meet different people and learn with them. Even while missing the place they are from, it is possible to find something similar to home on campus due to its cultural diversity. The professors are always respectful and committed to getting the best results of their students, pushing them to challenge themselves.

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Marco _ 564x338


Hometown: Santo Andre

Home country: Brazil

Major: Journalism

Languages I speak: Portuguese and English

  • Favorite spot on campus: Thomas Jefferson's gravestone
  • Favorite weekend activity on campus: Going to the movie screenings
  • Favorite Mizzou Memory: When the Mizzou men's basketball team hit 100 points against Green Bay, everybody went crazy when Adam Wolf — a bench player who rarely plays — scored the 100th point.

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