International Student Ambassadors

International student ambassadors are current Mizzou students who are here to answer your questions. Our international students come from many different countries, speak a variety of languages, and pursue various majors and interests on campus. Ambassadors are knowledgeable about all aspects of Mizzou: degree programs, student clubs, dining halls, arriving in Columbia — you name it. They are excited to talk to you and help you become a Tiger, too. Please feel free to contact anyone below.

72_Heo_ Jongeun_RGB


Hometown: Seoul

Home country: Republic of Korea

Major: Journalism

Languages I speak: Korean, Chinese, English

  • Favorite class: English 1000, 1310. I improved my English by learning rhetoric and writing various kinds of essays.
  • Favorite weekend activity on campus: Mizzou football games
  • Favorite Mizzou memory: Being involved in my Freshman Interest Group

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72_ Nunes_Mariana


Hometown: Goiânia

Home country: Brazil

Major: Nutrition and exercise physiology

Languages I speak: Portuguese, Spanish, English

  • Favorite professor: Steve Ball is a fun professor who teaches one of my favorite classes: Introduction to Exercise Physiology. In addition, he is my “moral adviser” who helps me with all of my career curiosities.
  • Favorite campus building: MizzouRec
  • Favorite Mizzou tradition: Kissing the 50 yard line at Faurot Field (the Mizzou football field)

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Hometown: Zhengzhou

Home country: China

Major: History and international studies, double major

Languages I speak: Chinese, English

  • Why Mizzou: Mizzou is a great campus known for providing a high-quality education. The people and professors are friendly, kind and willing to help students in academics and life. Columbia is a peaceful college town — the weather is pleasant and the campus is beautiful. Students who choose Mizzou will get a classic American college experience.
  • Favorite menu item in a dining hall: Ramen in Sabai
  • Favorite Mizzou tradition: Tiger Run

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Hometown: Jiaxing

Home country: China

Major: Accountancy

Languages I speak: Chinese, English

  • Favorite class: Management 3540. It’s a business-law class, and you learn a lot useful and interesting things. And the professor is so cool!
  • Favorite Columbia restaurant: 44 Stone
  • Favorite Mizzou memory: Participating in the Homecoming parade

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Hometown: Bojonegoro, Jawa Timur

Home country: Indonesia

Major: Computer science

Languages I speak: Bahasa, English

  • Favorite spot on campus: Tiger Grotto at MizzouRec (jacuzzi and sauna)
  • Favorite professor: Joe Guilliams. He transforms complicated programing into fun and interesting stuff.
  • Why Mizzou: Mizzou has a great computer science program that collaborates with giant tech companies, including IBM and Google.
  • Fun fact: I have an electric scooter for personal transportation around campus and between classes.

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72_Muha_ Al Balushi


Hometown: Muscat

Home country: Oman

Major: Industrial and manufacturing systems engineering

Languages I speak: Arabic, English

  • Favorite class: Art 1020 was fun because it was outside the scope of engineering. We had to go to different venues to complete assignments, and it gave me a chance to explore Columbia.
  • Why Mizzou: Mizzou is a strong academic school, but Columbia also has a fun environment, atmosphere and college-town vibe. It appealed to me more because I knew I was going for both education and experience. Safety, living spaces and resources were also big factors, and Mizzou fulfilled them all.
  • Favorite Mizzou Memory: International welcome party, where I met my close friends

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