Teanna Bass

Teanna Bass in class.

St. Louis
Sophomore, textile and apparel management

Teanna Bass chose Mizzou because of its academics, nearby location and affordability. She belongs to several clubs: United Ambassadors Diversity Recruitment Team, the Vasey Scholarship Program, Association of Textile and Apparel Management, Legion of Black Collegians and the Black Business Students Association.

“Mizzou has resources many other schools don’t, and it has places on campus for everyone.”

Teanna with group of students
Teanna enjoys lunch at the MU Student Center with friends Daisia Brown, Aja Williams and Tiffany Ellis.
student presentation
Teanna and classmates present a project in their TAM 1200 class.

student presentation
Teanna’s team gives a presentation about public speaking.

“The most important part of my college experience has been the Concerned Student 1950 demonstrations. They really opened my eyes to how others think and how to vocalize my opinions.”

Teanna at Target
In one of her two jobs, Teanna works an average of 10–20 hours a week at Target.
Teanna at Walgreens
Teanna combines her love of makeup with her job at Walgreen’s where she works 20–25 hours a week.
Teanna with friends
After a full week of classes and work, Teanna blows off some steam with friends.