Nosakhare J. Eke

Nosa Eke laughing

Kansas City, Missouri
Sophomore, bioengineering

Nosa Eke stays busy at Mizzou. Beyond his studies in the College of Engineering, Nosa is active with his fraternity, the United Ambassadors Diversity Recruitment Team and the Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center. As a freshman, Nosa traveled to Greece for a study abroad intersession course in engineering.

“The trip was amazing and allowed me to experience a different culture and see how engineering affects them.”

Nosa interviewing applicants
As one of three co-chairs for the MU United Ambassadors Diversity Recruitment Team, Nosa interviews applicants. Pictured from left to right: River Bonds, Brianna Walker, Nosa and Allison Pudlik.
Nosa in class
Nosa takes notes during intro to programming, a bioengineering class.
Nosa with lab partner
Nosa works with his lab partner, Alec Heaney, in the physics lab.

“The most important part of my college experience would definitely have to be the friends and connections I’ve made through my involvement.”

Nosa on the phone
Nosa takes a call during an evening meeting at Jesse Hall.
Nosa with test
Success! A physics assignment earns Nosa high marks.
Nosa watching volleyball
Nosa enjoys a game with his friend, Catie Williams. The Mizzou volleyball team won the SEC championship in 2016.
Nosa at holiday event
Nosa and his fraternity brothers attend a holiday charity event. From left to right: Sean Adams, Christopher Trunell, Malachi Goodman, Marquise White and Kris Maddox.
Nosa talking with friend.
Nosa and Teanna Bass, also a Mizzou sophomore, share a laugh at a social gathering at the Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center.