Janae Walsh

Plano, Texas
Sophomore, elementary education

One of the most common questions for prospective students is: what is a typical day like? Janae Walsh, a sophomore elementary education major from Plano, Texas, agreed to share her Thursday.

Janae talks about why she chose Mizzou.

Janae at Cornell Hall
Janae starts her day with an 8 a.m. accounting class. “Accounting is always interesting and I’m just going with the flow. My parents said business was a useful subject to minor in, and I went along with it.”
Janae at Memorial Union
After the morning class, Janae gets coffee at Memorial Union. “I try to use my downtime productively and it’s a great place to do my homework.”
Janae in class
The next class is LTC 2040, which covers cultural issues in education. “That class is really interactive and they always encourage participation. I’ve made a personal connection with my teacher outside of the classroom.”

“The College of Education is the main reason why I love Mizzou so much. I tell people on tours that on such a large campus, the college really makes you feel like you belong.”

Janae working on laptop
Janae has a part time position in the College of Education’s Office of Diversity, Recruitment and Retention.
Janae at a meeting
Janae also serves on the college’s Ambassador Leadership Team as one of three tri-directors. “Thursdays are long days but I feel really energized this week. I have made so many friends and connections with faculty and staff through this organization and I really enjoy giving tours to prospective students.”