Abby Peoples

Abby Peoples in class

Kansas City, Missouri
Junior, business with emphasis in marketing

Abby Peoples is on the move. Whether she’s sprinting across the soccer field, socializing with her sorority sisters or crunching numbers at the Trulaske College of Business, Mizzou provides unlimited opportunities for her to get involved.

“Mizzou is filled with so many wonderful people who do amazing things.”

Abby, who is active in Greek Life, intramural sports and the Mizzou Alumni Association’s Student Board, has made the most of her time at Mizzou.

Abby walking to class
In the rush to make it to class on time, Abby carries her breakfast while walking with Ellie Stingley.
Abby in class
Marketing Professor Marsha Richins discusses an upcoming class project with Abby and her team.
Abby talking with classmates
Abby talks with classmates about assignments before the start of a marketing class in Cornell Hall.

“Growing up, I learned it was the people who make places special.”

Peoples talking with friends
Abby chats with her sorority sisters in their house.
Peoples eating lunch
A quick meal with friends helps Abby refuel before class.
Peoples in class
During a small-group discussion in astronomy class, Abby checks figures with classmates.

“Mizzou has become my home away from home. I am thrilled to take my experiences into the professional world.”