Contact Lauryn Carlton

Territory: Central & Southern Illinois

Hometown: Laurel, Maryland

Degree: BJ Journalism, minor in Sociology

  • Favorite movie series: The Hunger Games! It is truly the blueprint for every 2010s dystopian series. I’m Team Peeta all the way!
  • Favorite spot on campus: The third floor of Memorial Union. It’s quiet, has an amazing view, and while it does get pretty toasty up there, Starbucks iced coffee right downstairs has me covered!
  • Favorite Disney animated movie: It’s a hard tie between Hercules and Mulan! I enjoy Hercules’ music more, but Mulan’s plot/characters are more dynamic. Fun fact: I was in an 8th grade production of Mulan, so the theater kid in me is a little partial towards it. Either way, they’re both phenomenal!