Am I an international student?

Who is considered to be an international student at the University of Missouri?

Anyone who needs a visa to enter the United States is considered an international student. Permanent Residents (green card holders) are processed as domestic students.

I am a U.S. citizen living and attending school internationally. Do I apply as a U.S. student or an international student?

You will apply as a U.S. student. Please visit the How to Apply page for information on applying as a domestic student.

I am a dual citizen with U.S. citizenship. Do I apply as an international student or a U.S. student?

If you have dual citizenship and the U.S. is one of the countries, indicate ‘U.S. Citizen’ and you will be processed as a domestic student. If the U.S. is not one of your citizenship countries, please select the country whose passport you’ll be using to apply for your visa.

I have applied for U.S. permanent residency but I have not yet been approved. Do I apply as an international student or a U.S. student?

You will apply as an international student. Once you receive permanent residency please send us documentation to change your student status.

I am undocumented or a Dreamer/DACA student. Do I apply as a U.S. student?

Our application system will route undocumented/DACA applicants to International Admissions for holistic review. We suggest you contact our office at before you apply.

Academic programs and opportunities

What programs do you offer?

Mizzou offers more than 300 degree programs including nearly 100 undergraduate majors. Explore our undergraduate programs at

Do you offer online degree programs?

Yes. We offer a number of fully online bachelor’s degree programs through Missouri Online. Visit to explore our online programs.

Can I study at the university as a non-degree/exchange student?

Non-degree-seeking and exchange students are most often placed to study at MU through their current institution. Please contact the International Affairs or Global Office on your campus to see if there is a program in place with Mizzou. If not, please send us an email at to explore your options.

Do you have a Pre-Law program?

Mizzou offers both an official pre-law emphasis in our political science major and a non-degree pre-law designation which provides resources dedicated to helping interested students pursue admission into law school. There is no particular major required for admission to law school, but some common majors for pre-law students include political science, history, philosophy, English, sociology, economics, business, criminal justice, mathematics, engineering, biology, chemistry, theatre, and music. It is recommended that students interested in applying to law school take courses that will challenge their reading and writing skills and analytical thought processes.

Do you have a Pre-Med program?

While pre-medicine is not an official degree program, Mizzou’s MedOpp Advising Office has resources dedicated to helping students pursue admission to medical school. Medical schools accept applicants with a variety of majors which include everything from music to engineering; however, most students choose a Mizzou major with degree program requirements that overlap with requirements for medical school such as biological sciences, medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, biological engineering, nutrition & exercise physiology, psychology, and health sciences.

Learn more in this short video:

Can I apply to the Honors College?

Yes — eligible students are highly encouraged to apply to the Honors College. The Honors College seeks to serve a diverse group of students who are academically talented and highly accomplished so they can become engaged in the pursuit of life-long, interdisciplinary learning. Learn more at

Can I do research as an undergraduate student?

Yes! Mizzou believes in hands-on learning as the best way to prepare students for life after college. Undergraduate students have the opportunity to take part in world-class research during their time at Mizzou. Visit our Hands-On Learning page to find out more.

Do you offer master’s and doctoral programs?

Yes. Mizzou’s Graduate School offers masters, doctoral, and professional degrees. Visit to see a full list of advanced degree programs.

Admission requirements

What are the admission requirements for the University of Missouri?

To be eligible for admission to Mizzou, you must:

All requirements are listed on the International Admission Requirements page.

What materials are required?

You will need to submit:

  • Official Academic Records: including transcripts from all high schools attended (9th-12th grades) and/or transcripts from all colleges/universities attended.
  • Diplomas (National, IGCSE, IB, AP,…)
  • English proficiency exam scores
  • SAT or ACT scores (these scores are not required for admission consideration, but they are required for scholarship consideration)

Find more details about required materials on our Application Materials page.

Do you require an essay, letters of recommendation, summary of extracurricular involvement, and/or an interview?

No, we do not require any materials beyond what is listed on the Application Materials page. Admission to the MU Honors College or consideration for some scholarships may require additional materials, and you will be notified if that is the case.

Do you require SAT or ACT scores?

SAT or ACT scores are not required for admission consideration, but they are required for scholarship consideration.

Can I apply with IGCSE or A-Levels?

You are welcome to submit IGCSE and A Levels. We will be looking for five passing subjects in IGCSE with a grade of C or better and three passing subjects in A Levels with a grade of C or better.

How should I send my national examinations (IGCSE, A-Levels, etc.)?

In order to be considered official, national examination certificates must be submitted directly by the testing agency, verifiable high school counselor, or verifiable school registrar. High school officials may send results to Emailed results from students or parents are not accepted as official.

English language requirements

What are your English proficiency requirements?

International students are required to demonstrate English proficiency by submitting an approved English proficiency exam score. Complete details are available on our English language requirements page. Below, watch a brief video on English language requirements and options.

What exams do you accept?

We accept the following exams to demonstrate English proficiency: Duolingo English Test, TOEFL iBT, IELTS, IGCSE English, IB English A (HL), PTE, and C1. Additional details, including minimum scores required, can be found on our English language requirements page.

Do you accept SAT or ACT exam scores for English proficiency?

We do not accept the SAT or ACT for English proficiency. Please review the question above and visit our English language requirements page for a list of exams we accept.

How do I submit my English proficiency scores?
  • Duolingo: Request to have your official Duolingo English Test scores sent from Duolingo. Information about sending your scores can be found on the Duolingo website here.
  • TOEFL: Request to have your official TOEFL results sent to us from ETS. Our college code is 6875. Information about sending your scores can be found on the TOEFL website here.
  • IELTS: We may also be able to view your scores through the IELTS Test Report Form (TRF) Verification Service. To do this we will need your TRF number, which can be found at the bottom right corner of your Test Report Form. You can send us a copy of your IELTS results to and we will look up your TRF number, or you can send us the number only. More information on sending your results is available on the IELTS website here.

Do you waive English requirements?
  • Freshmen: For students who have attended secondary school in the U.S. for at least 3 years AND have an SAT score of 550 English or ACT English score of 25, we can waive the English language requirement on a case-by-case basis after an individualized review.
  • Transfers: International transfer students can demonstrate English proficiency by submitting evidence of having completed 24 or more transferable credits from an accredited two- or four-year post-secondary institution in the U.S. at the time of application. However, the College of Education and Human Development, School of Journalism, and School of Nursing still require submission of an English proficiency exam that is not older than two years.

What if my English scores are below the minimum requirements?

For students with English exam scores below our minimum requirements, there are options available through our Center for English Language Learning.

  • The Academic Integration @ Mizzou (AIM) program supports international students who are ready for academic work but do not quite meet the minimum English language requirements.
  • The Intensive English Program (IEP) at Mizzou offers full-time, English-language instruction. The IEP is for students who do not meet minimum English language requirements for admission, or for any student who wishes to study English as a second language.

I do not have English test scores. Can I still apply?

Yes. If you meet all of Mizzou’s admission requirements except for the English language requirement, the International Admissions Office will give you a letter of conditional admission to Mizzou AND automatic admission to the MU Intensive English Program (IEP). Learn more about conditional admission at

Do you offer conditional admission?

Students may apply for conditional admission to an undergraduate program at the University of Missouri if they have an English proficiency exam score below a minimum requirement.

To apply for conditional admission, students should apply to MU as an international student. If a student meets MU’s admission requirements except for the English language requirement, the Office of International Admissions will provide a letter of conditional admission and the student will be offered automatic admission to the Intensive English Program. This conditional admission letter will state that the student must satisfy the English requirement by obtaining the required score or by obtaining a verification of language readiness for academic work from the IEP.

Do you offer scholarships for the Intensive English Program?

The Provost’s International English Scholarship (PIES) provides a scholarship to any international student that completes the MU Intensive English Program (IEP) and continues on to undergraduate study at Mizzou. The amount of the scholarship will be equal to all tuition and fees that you pay during your time in the IEP. Learn more at

How to apply

How do I apply?

You can access our applications online. We have a Mizzou application as well as we accept a Common Application. Learn more on our Apply as an International Student page. Below, watch a short video about how to apply to Mizzou.

When should I apply?

Our application for fall terms always opens on August 1. Our spring term applications open May 1. It is suggested to students to apply at least six months prior to wanting to study at MU. Please be aware of other deadlines you want to meet therefore the sooner is better.

What are the deadlines?

Mizzou works on a rolling admission and applicants can typically expect an admission decision within five days of their application materials being received. Our soft deadline for the fall semester is June 1. Learn more on our Apply as an International Student page.

What applications do you accept?

We accept either our Mizzou Application or the Common Application. We have no preference on which of these applications you choose to submit.

What materials do I need to submit?

You can find information on required materials in the Admission Requirements section of this page, and on our International Application Materials page.

How do I send my materials to you?

Your unofficial transcripts can be emailed as PDF attachments to

Please request your official test scores to be sent from their respective testing services, if applicable.

  • SAT: If you plan to send your SAT scores, please send through College Board (SAT) using our institution code: 006875.
  • ACT: If you plan to send your ACT scores, please send through ACT using our institution code: 2382.
  • TOEFL: Please contact ETS services to send your official TOEFL results. Your TOEFL results are unofficial until received from ETS services.
  • Duolingo: Scores can be sent from your Duolingo account to the University of Missouri.
  • IELTS results can be verified by sending us your unofficial copy of results or your TRF number to

How many years of academic work should I submit?

Official transcripts should include the equivalent to US grades 9-12. Four years of academic work will be required. The last year of work can be in progress, but transcripts should still include the coursework that the student is currently enrolled in. For students applying from academic systems which comprise three years of secondary school, the final year of work from an official middle school transcript will be required.

Do you offer an application fee waiver?

An application fee waiver is offered to high school students who meet the criteria described below. We do not offer an application fee waiver to transfer students.

How do I submit an application fee waiver as a high school student?

The application fee can be waived for students who have demonstrated financial need through submission of a completed ACT, SAT, or NACAC fee waiver form by their high school counselor. Your high school counselor can download one of the linked forms, complete it and email it to us at

How do you evaluate my transcript? Should I convert my GPA for you?

We will evaluate all international transcripts in-house, and we will convert grades from any educational system into an equivalent U.S. grade point average (GPA). You will not be required to do this yourself. MU does not accept transcript evaluations from any external credential evaluation services.

Do I need to translate my academic records into English?

If your school or university has issued your transcript in a language other than English, you must have a certified, literal English translation of your transcripts included in your application documents.

How do I check my application status?

You can check your Application Status Page at any time. If you applied with a Mizzou Application, please use the email address and a password you created when submitting the application. If you applied through the Common Application, you should have received an email with information about how to access the application status page.

When will I hear back with an admissions decision?

An admission decision can typically be made in approximately five business days after we have received all required application materials. Processing times can vary depending on the volume of applications received.

International transfer students

What application should I submit as a transfer student?

As a Transfer Student you will need to submit the Mizzou Application.

What are the requirements to apply as a transfer student?

To be admitted to Mizzou as a transfer student, meet one of the criteria below.

  • Have 24 or more completed college-level credits with a 2.5 GPA and either
    • a grade of C- or better in a transferable math course (intermediate algebra or higher or statistics) or
    • a grade of C- or better in a transferable English composition course (English comp 1 or higher).

For any additional information please review Transfer Admission Requirements or send us an email at

What application materials do I need to submit?

Can you waive English language requirements?

An international transfer student can demonstrate English proficiency by submitting evidence of having completed 24 or more transferable credits from an accredited two or four-year post-secondary institution in the U.S. at the time of application. The qualifying credit hours must have been completed within the past two calendar years.

The College of Education, School of Journalism, and School of Nursing require submission of an English proficiency exam that is not older than two years.

When will you evaluate my transfer credits?

Transfer credit evaluations are done for students who have been admitted and confirmed their intent to enroll at MU. Once your credits have been posted you will receive an email to view them in your Degree Audit. In the meantime, you can review how some credits will transfer over on our Transfer Course Equivalency site.

I am transferring from a U.S. school. How do I get my I-20 form?

If you are an F-1 student, the process for transferring from one U.S. school to another is easy. Simply have your immigration record transferred from your current school to MU following the steps outlined on Transfer to Mizzou page on

International costs and scholarships

What are the estimated costs to study at the University of Missouri?

We post our estimated costs on our International Costs and Scholarships page.

What scholarships do you offer for international students?

Mizzou offers scholarships for international students that you will be automatically considered for when you apply. Learn more on our International Costs and Scholarships page.

Do you have additional departmental or other scholarships beyond your automatic merit-based awards?

Scholarship Universe is an application for general and departmental scholarships from Mizzou. View our Dates & Deadlines page for scholarship deadlines.

The Curator’s Grant-in-Aid Scholarship is an award for continuing students. International students are eligible for consideration after completing two regular, full-time semesters at MU.

Do you offer a full scholarship?

The Stamps Scholars program at Mizzou is considered a full scholarship. This scholarship is highly competitive and is awarded to a handful of incoming freshman students in the overall applicant pool, including both international and U.S. students.

Do you offer need-based financial aid?

Mizzou does not offer need-based financial aid for international students. The CSS Profile or other need-based financial aid forms are neither required nor accepted.

What do I need to submit for scholarship consideration?

SAT or ACT are required for Freshman Awards and an official college/university transcript is required for Transfer Awards.

Do you offer scholarships for continuing students?

The Curator’s Grant-in-Aid Scholarship is an award for continuing students. International students are eligible for consideration after completing two regular, full-time semesters at MU.

The Mizzou Alumni Association offers a Global Tiger Scholarship. Learn more on the Mizzou Alumni Association’s scholarship page.

Scholarship Universe is an application for general and departmental scholarships from Mizzou. View our Dates & Deadlines page for scholarship deadlines.

Can I receive a non-university scholarship as an international student?

Some students find aid and scholarships through government institutions and agencies. The Institute of International Education (IIE) has a list of current sponsors and partners. Meeting with the nearest Education USA Advising Center can also be helpful for guidance on financing your studies in the U.S.

Do you offer Athletics scholarships?

The MU Athletics Department offers scholarships to student-athletes. All decisions on athletic scholarships are made by the coaching staff of the specific sport and the Athletic Department. Mizzou competes in the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) Division I, which is the highest level of university competition in the U.S. International student athletes selected for athletic scholarships typically compete at the national level in their sport in their home country. Find all of Mizzou’s varsity sports teams at

College/university credit

Can I receive credit for my IB, AP, A-Level results?

Students who obtain strong marks on AP or IB examinations can earn college credit at MU. Please visit our Course Equivalencies and Credits page for details on minimum criteria. Students completing A-Level examinations with C or above may also obtain course credit at MU. For additional questions about A-Levels, please email

When will you evaluate my transfer credits?

Transfer credit evaluations are done for students who have been admitted and confirmed their intent to enroll at MU. Once your credits have been posted, you will receive an email to view them in your Degree Audit. In the meantime you can review how some credits will transfer over on our Transfer Course Equivalency site.

After admission

Is there a deadline for accepting my offer of admission?

The National Confirmation Deadline (“Decision Day”) is May 1. You can accept your admission offer after this date, but it is strongly recommended that you accept and pay your enrollment fee before May 1 to make sure your enrollment process goes smoothly.

Do I need to pay an enrollment fee?

Yes. Paying your $300 enrollment fee confirms that you will be attending Mizzou. Once it is paid we will process your immigration documents and you will start pre-arrival preparations such as signing up for housing and Orientation.

How do I apply for a student visa?

After your enrollment fee is paid, we will review your immigration materials and issue you a certificate of eligibility, which is used to apply for the appropriate visa status to enter the United States (Form I-20 or Form DS-2019). Learn more on the International Student & Scholar Services site.

How do I sign up for housing and dining?

Housing is a multi-step process at Mizzou. You will complete each step using the Application Status page. You can learn more about the housing process at

Am I required to live on campus?

First-time college students (freshmen) are required to live in university housing their first year. National research shows that freshman students who live in university housing are more successful. We know from our own data that students who live in Residential Life facilities are more likely to stay in school and graduate in four years than students who do not. There are a few exceptions to the housing policy for students who meet certain criteria. Transfer students can decide to live on-campus or off-campus.

How do I pay my bill?

Visit the Cashiers Office website for details on paying your bill. Mizzou partners with TransferMate to provide international students with an easy and secure method to make international payments.

Am I eligible for in-state tuition?

Students who currently live in the U.S. and hold visas other than F-1 or J-1 may be eligible to pay the Missouri resident tuition rate. Visit the to learn about Missouri residency requirements.

Can I get a job as an international student?

International students can work on campus up to 20 hours a week. The $mart Work Mizzou fellowship program provides on-campus employment opportunities for international undergraduate students during their first year at the University of Missouri. In addition to helping cover some student expenses, the program provides an immediate connection within the campus community. You can also explore any on-campus, part-time job openings at

When do I register for classes?

During your new student orientation, you will meet with your academic advisor and finalize your class registration. You might already see some courses on your schedule prior to your orientation as an advisor might pre-register you in some courses.

Do I need to take any placement exams?

English Language Exam (ELE): All new, degree-seeking international undergraduate students are required to take the MU English Language Exam before they register for classes. This test helps MU place students in the correct level of English classes.

Other exams: All incoming freshmen (including students with IB/AP or dual credit) are required to take a math placement test and the Missouri Civics exam. You’ll complete these placement exams as part of your pre-orientation activities. Learn more about placement tests at

When do I need to arrive on campus?

Once you have obtained your visa, you may enter the United States. F and J visa holders may enter the U.S. up to 30 days before the program start date listed on their I-20/DS-2019. International students need to be on campus a week prior to the first day of classes to participate in International Student Welcome.

Where do I find information about pre-arrival preparations?

Arrival checklist is available on the International Scholars and Students Services at

What immunizations am I required to have?

MU requires all students to comply with a mandatory immunization policy, so please bring your medical records, in English, with you to campus. Learn about which immunizations are required at

Can I defer admission or take a gap year?

The University of Missouri allows admitted applicants to delay their first-year application for up to one year. A student who is approved to take a gap year does not need to submit a new application to the Office of Admissions, nor do they need to pay an additional application fee. Visit for more information.

General questions

I did not receive a passcode to log into myZou account. What should I do?

Contact Mizzou Division of IT by email or connect with them on live chat at Most likely your mobile phone number needs to be reset.

Do you have an online campus tour?

Enjoy a virtual tour of Mizzou filled with gorgeous photos, historical facts, and 360-degree views of campus at

I want to represent your school. Can you send me a Mizzou t-shirt?

Unfortunately, we are unable to mail t-shirts or other promotional items directly to students outside the U.S.

How do I contact you?

Visit our International Admissions Contact page to email us, schedule a virtual meeting, connect with us on WhatsApp, and meet our International Student Ambassadors.

Other contact information: