Content Maintenance Plan

When making changes to site content, consider that the major goals of the site are to drive users to:

  • Apply
  • Visit
  • Contact (lead collection)

Any change to the site should take into account:

  • Interest: What kind of content do users actually want or need and why?
  • Comprehension: Can users understand and use a piece of content to help them solve their problems or meet their goals?
  • Influence: Is our content helping achieve our goals (listed above)? 

Regular Updates


Event name When it occurs When info gets updated on site Placeholder
Mizzou Near You (Sneak Peek) Feb. – April Jan. at the latest April – Jan.
Preview Feb. – April Jan. at the latest April – Jan.
Open Houses Fall Oct. – Nov. Late June/Early July Content should switch from fall to spring in Nov.
Open Houses Spring Feb. – April Nov. April – June
College Planning January Nov. Nov. – Jan.
Scholars Day July May
Counselor Updates Sept. – Dec. August  Jan. – August

Dates & Deadlines

Dates & deadlines appear on

Deadlines will not automatically appear on this page when you create a new entry. You must add it to the page using a short code:

Dates & deadlines also appear on these pages:

If you change the slug of an existing deadline, replace a deadline or add a new deadline, check the above pages to make sure they weren’t affected and fix them if they were.

Admissions Representatives

As admissions reps come and go, we need to make sure the site is as up to date as possible so users know who they can contact.

Any time there is a change with reps, admissions needs to specify whether the changes affect territory assignments. If so, those might need to be adjusted.

When a Rep Leaves

  1. Once they know a rep is officially leaving, Admissions should notify Mizzou Creative of the rep’s last day.
  2. Mizzou Creative will delete the rep’s profile after their last day.
  3. Mizzou Creative will make any adjustments to territory assignments as instructed by Admissions.

When a new rep is hired

  1. Admissions should notify Mizzou Creative when a new rep is hired and provide the following information:
    • When the rep will start (so Mizzou Creative knows when to post the rep’s card)
    • Territory
    • Hometown
    • Degrees and graduation years, noting if degrees are from institutions other than MU
    • Three short facts about the rep relating to their territory or Mizzou
    • A photo of the rep or a request to arrange a portrait with a Mizzou Creative photographer.
  2. Admissions should also tell Mizzou Creative if the addition of this rep will affect territory assignments, and Mizzou Creative will adjust if needed.
  3. Admissions should create and provide access to the rep’s contact form in Slate.

Marketing Copy & Photos

Content that is less tactical and more marketing-heavy should be reviewed once a year as the viewbook content is being updated.

Some of those pages include:

Military & Veterans Content

Once a year, check in with the MU Veterans Center to make sure content is still up to date and correct.

Feature Requests

If Admissions wants to request a change or addition to the site that will improve the site or build upon what initially launched, it will be most helpful to provide Mizzou Creative with the following information:

  • What goal are you trying to address or problem are you trying to solve?
  • What and how many users does this goal or problem affect?
  • How does this goal or problem relate to larger campus goals, initiatives or issues?
  • What data or information do you have to help us better understand the goal or problem?

The better we understand the reasons behind the request, the better solutions we’ll be able to present.

Creating New Content

Do not create or publish content until we understand:

  • Substance (what content topics and messages will be covered)
  • Structure (how content will be formatted, organized, and accessed)
  • Workflow (who will create and maintain content, what processes will be followed)
  • Governance (how content will be managed over time)
    • Any plans for workflow, governance and maintenance should be added to this maintenance plan.

Breaks & Fixes

If Admissions notices something is broken or not working as it’s intended, they should provide Mizzou Creative the following information:

  • What is the problem?
  • When did it begin, or when does it happen?
  • Who is experiencing the issue (everyone or only certain people)?
  • Where specifically is the problem occurring? If you can, please provide URLs and screen shots of the issue.
  • How does the problem manifest itself (e.g.what are the steps we can take to replicate the problem)?


Many things can seem like emergencies, especially when tensions are running high or deadlines are looming.

It’s important to have a shared understanding of what constitutes an actual emergency on the website:

An emergency is anything that could cause extreme damage to the ongoing business functions and/or the reputation or perception of Mizzou/Admissions by the public and/or our audiences.

  • Example: The application for admission is down and we need a way to let our audiences know that they won’t be able to access it and why.
    • This is an “emergency” because it affects a major goal of the site (apply) as well as a great number of people (all prospective students).
  • Example: We determine we need to add an employer to the list of where Mizzou grads get jobs.
    • This is not an “emergency.” Failure to update this immediately will not negatively affect users in any way, and we’ll be the only ones who know the list is incomplete. It will not interfere with any of the major goals on the site, which are to get users to apply, visit or contact.