Layout Instructions

Pages all have the ability to have multiple “layers” of content. Each layer has a “block” of content with various “column” counts. The variations for each are below.

It is best to have a designer lay the page out and then copy editors can adjust text and images.


  • Layer color
  • Default width or wider
  • Use “Large” image sizes


  • Layer color
  • Default width or wider
  • Column layout.
    • Asides are mostly for image placement
  • Use “Medium” image sizes


  • Layer color
  • Use “Small” image sizes

Splash Image

  • Pick a large banner (at least 1800x700px) image for the splash.
  • To add caption or text with it, add another layer below it.

Featured Image

To put a splash image above the page title, set the “Featured Image” to a splash image.


Callouts are custom made layers that are coded by a developer. They are repeatable content and can be used on multiple pages.

Hero Callout

To set a callout above the page title, set the “Hero Callout.” With a Hero Callout, the page title will not output. It will need to appear in the hero or added to the default content area on the page as an H1.