Image Instructions

Content Images

When choosing images for content areas, pick the appropriate size below. Original images must be at or larger than the desired size. WordPress generates these sizes, so it’s best to upload images that are larger than needed.

  • Small: 382px wide – for 3 col layout
  • Medium: 564px wide – for 2 col layout
  • Large: 864px wide – for 1 col layout

Splash Images

When uploading a splash image, the minimum size is 1800×700. WordPress will make a smaller version that is cropped for smaller screens.

  • 1800×700 Splash – Large
  • 800×700 Splash – Medium

Note: Splash images and Hero images use inline CSS with media queries. The smaller image is the default and the larger one is called if screen width is 800px or larger. (Double check this.)

Hero Images

Hero images will use custom art and code. Size as needed.

Fixed background sizes

  • 1200×1000??: Original upload size
  • 864px: Default Large

Square and Circle images

Square images must be uploaded already cropped as square. Do not apply the .circle class unless the image is in a square format.