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Columbia’s historic downtown district is packed with shops and entertainment. For more than three decades, The Blue Note has attracted top musicians of all genres, from indie-rock to old-school blues. Ragtag Cinema shows independent and international films in a hipster-friendly setting. The 1938-constructed Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts recently was restored to its original grandeur and now attracts major entertainers as well as community performers. Columbia’s local art scene thrives, with venues including Orr Street Studios, PS:Gallery, Artlandish Gallery, Bluestem Missouri Crafts and the Columbia Art League.

Want to go shopping? You're in luck! The District is packed with designer boutiques, shoe stores, jewelers, florists, book shops, sweets shops and purveyors of eco-friendly products and novelty items. Whether you want to show your school spirit with some black and gold gear, show your sense of style with cool vintage duds or show someone special how much you care, Columbia's stores have you covered.