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Test scores

Take the ACT or SAT I in the spring of your junior year and fall of your senior semester. The Office of Admissions considers your highest composite score (or the combined math and critical reading score from the SAT I) for admission and scholarship qualification. The writing sections of the ACT or the SAT will not affect your admission. The composite or the combined score is used for admission and scholarship purposes; sub-scores are used primarily for English and math placement.

Qualifying for admission

If the student’s ACT composite score is 24 or higher, or the SAT critical reading and math subscore total is 10901 or higher, and if the student has completed MU’s required core curriculum with good grades, the student will be admitted to Mizzou. Files may be subject to additional review if the student’s core grade point average (GPA) is low. In some cases, these students are admitted on probation. Official ACT or SAT scores should be sent to Mizzou directly from the ACT or College Board.

The combination of the student’s class rank and test score must meet or exceed the values in the table at right. MU will use class rank from the end of the sixth, seventh or eighth semester. MU does not require or use the ACT or SAT writing section scores. See the chart at right for required class rank with lower test scores.

ACT SAT Total (reading and math)1 High School Class % Rank
23 1050–1080 Top 52%
22 1020–1040 Top 46%
21 980–1010 Top 38%
20 940–970 Top 31%
19 900–930 Top 22%
18 860–890 Top 14%
17 820–850 Top 6%

Non-ranking high schools

Students who attend non-ranking high schools will be evaluated for admission based upon their grade point average (GPA) in required core college-prep courses in combination with their standardized test scores. This is a GPA that MU recalculates with specified courses. It is not the transcript GPA and is typically lower than the transcript GPA. A high school is considered either ranking or non-ranking; we do not accept ranks from schools listed as non-ranking.

ACT SAT Total (reading and math)1 Core GPA2
23 1050–1080 2.80
22 1020–1040 2.90
21 980–1010 3.05
20 940–970 3.20
19 900–930 3.35
18 860–890 3.50
17 820–850 3.65


1Scores listed are for the pre-existing SAT assessment offered through February 2016. Score requirements for the redesigned SAT (offered starting March 2016) have yet to be determined. Please contact us if you have questions about the requirements for the redesigned SAT.

2Students from non-ranking high schools are admitted based upon a sliding scale combination of their core GPA and their standardized test scores. Minimum required GPA in core curriculum classes changes every couple of years. This core GPA is set by the UM System for admissions to all four campuses and is not the same core requirement that is used for MU’s scholarship requirements for students from non-ranking high schools.