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At Mizzou, you’ll choose from more than 280 degree programs

(You can even design your own major.)

Maybe you’ve known what you wanted to do since you were a child. Or maybe you’re still figuring it out. Either way, the number of degrees offered at Mizzou makes this a great place to find your path. Just click on a major below to learn more about it.

color-icon  Majors       color-icon  Emphasis areas

Many majors have concentrations/tracks, which are collections of courses leading to a more focused program of study. Here are some examples:

*Art Media

  • Graphic Design
  • Ceramics, Drawing, Painting
  • Printmaking, Photography
  • Fibers, Sculpture


  • Composition
  • Music History
  • Music Theory
  • Piano Performance
  • String Instrument Performance
  • Vocal Performance
  • Wind/Percussion Performance


  • Arts and Culture Journalism
  • Convergence Photojournalism
  • Convergence Radio Reporting and Producing
  • Convergence Television Reporting
  • Emerging Media
  • Entrepreneurial Journalism
  • International Journalism
  • International Strategic Communication
  • Magazine Design
  • Magazine Editing
  • Magazine Publishing and Management
  • Magazine Writing
  • Multimedia Producing
  • Multiplatform Design
  • News Design
  • News Editing
  • News Reporting
  • Photojournalism
  • Radio-Television Producing
  • Radio-Television Reporting and Anchoring
  • Science and Health Journalism
  • Strategic Communication
  • Visual Editing and Management
  • Watchdog Journalism

Admission to MU does not guarantee you admission to the separate schools, colleges or programs within the university.

Browse majors by college or school or by your interests.

Professional Tracks

Do you plan to continue in a professional program after earning a bachelor's degree at Mizzou? You can tailor your undergraduate education to help prepare you for law, medicine or veterinary medicine.